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Women Helping the Community, One Person at a Time

When a group of ladies get together to help their community, good things happen! In 1910, The Orange Park Woman's club (OPWC) was proudly founded by eight ladies, led by Mary C. Berry, a winter resident. In fact, the club was the first civic organization registered in Orange Park, Florida.

The founding members began by helping a local school: cleaning the schoolyard, erecting fencing, presenting a flag, and providing an individual drinking cup to each child. Next, the club established a library, which they ran for 50-years, until after World War II when the state of Florida centralized the library system. The women continued helping the community by picking up litter, placing waste baskets around town, and planting flowering trees.

And that was just the beginning . . .


Orange Park Woman's Club Care for 100 During Malaria Epidemic

In the 100 years that followed, the Orange Park Woman's Club recognized needs in the community, and set out to meet those needs. The women took care of the sick, including more than 100 people during a malaria epidemic. During this period, the women furnished a room at St. Luke's hospital. During World War I, they arranged for dances and entertainment at Camp Johnston (now NAS Jacksonville), and began volunteering with the Red Cross.


Assist Needy Families, Hospital Auxiliary, Scholarship Fund

During World War II, they helped care for returning wounded, sold war bonds and continued working with the Red Cross. Between the wars, these ladies started a hot lunch program for the elementary school. They helped to bring electricity to Orange Park and helped to make life better for needy families. In 1970, a day camp was established for handicapped children. A community theater was started and is still going strong. In 1974, they started the Hospital Auxiliary for the new hospital. A Thrift Shop provides income for a scholarship program. Multiple fund raisers during the year help support numerous charities.


And We Continue......

We are a service club, so stay tuned because you never know what will happen next with these ladies who care for their community. Today, the Orange Park Woman's Club is a stable organization that continues to volunteer and help the local community. You can help by renting our beautiful space, purchasing items from the thrift shop, or joining as a member. We also have a large Rummaage Sale annually: Check the thrift shop page for more information on the Rummage Sale or look for it to be announced on our Facebook page.


Volunteering in the Orange Park, Florida Community. 
The Orange Park Woman's Club believes in helping the local community. Help us continue this good work by
 hosting your events at our beautiful location, visiting our thrift shop, or becoming a member!